Message from Junior School Heads

Fiona Burnett

Head of Junior School,

An inquisitive and genuinely ardent educator myself, I love nothing more than watching children grow in every aspect of their being as they learn. The inquiry-based program provides opportunity for each child to get to know and develop their own strengths and gifts.


Through play, children express who they are, but so much more is going on. They are building the foundations for life – communication and collaborative skills, creativity and problem solving, and of course, essential literacy and numeracy skills.


When your child identifies with their strengths, there is no stopping them.


We aspire to excellence in everything we do. My passion, is to see every student actively and willingly invest in their own learning, and provide every opportunity for parents and carers to engage in their children's education through our positive and vibrant community.


Kim Winton

Head of Junior School,

Passionate about education and leadership, I have been involved in schools for many years. 


One of the most exciting ways for children to unleash their potential and find the courage to live it out, is found when children learn through inquiry. An inquiry-based approach to teaching holds the child at the centre of the learning process. Every child can be exceptional. With this in mind, we work to design a stage-based  inquiry rich program that draws out the leader within each child. 


At the core of what I love about education is the ability to champion others to lead. Great leaders don’t set out to lead, they set out to make a difference – and that’s what we aspire to encourage in every child – the courage and capacity to influence their world for good and for God.