Learning Enrichment

Learning Enrichment

Learning Enrichment has a strong focus on catering for all learners.

These include students who;

  • require opportunities to extend and develop their learning,
  • display gifts and talents in a wide range of areas,
  • come from diverse language backgrounds,
  • have learning difficulties that impact their ability to engage with the curriculum, and
  • have diagnosed disabilities and require support within the school environment.

The Learning Enrichment teachers work closely with the classroom teachers, special educators, teacher aides, administrators and parents to cater for individual needs within the classroom. 

This model of support allows the Learning Enrichment teachers to work alongside the core teacher to support, extend, and differentiate the learning to meet the individual’s needs within the classroom.

Clubs and interest groups are also an important part of Learning Enrichment and take place in the Learning Enrichment hub. Debating, Public Speaking, Chess and Maths Olympiad are all popular co-curricular activities.