Calvary Show Team

At Calvary Christian College any student in Years 7 – 12 has the opportunity to join the College’s Livestock Show Team. The team exhibits sheep from the College’s Suffolk stud (established in 1998) at a wide variety of shows around SE Queensland and into New South Wales. In a typical year students attend Pittsworth, Warwick, Marburg, Gatton, Mt Gravatt and Murwillumbah shows as well as the Royal Brisbane show, or the EKKA.

At each show students parade our sheep against those from other schools as well as some from established Suffolk breeders. The sheep are judged on their overall appearance and quality as a meat sheep. However, much of this is down to a student’s ability to ‘show off’ the sheep correctly. As such, students take great pride in grooming and presenting our sheep to the best of their ability. Students also have the opportunity to compete in Young Judges and Young Handlers competitions at many of these shows. In these competitions, students compete against other young people to test their abilities as both judges and handlers of sheep.

Some of the highlights from recent showing seasons have included:
• Several students qualifying for the Young Judges State Championship
• Best Sheep in Show at Marburg
• Grand Champion Breeders Group at Marburg
• Reserve Champion Ram at Pittsworth show

Back at school, members of the team meet every week to hone their skills and prepare our sheep for showing. These lunch time meetings can include a variety of activities such as:
• Weighing the sheep to monitor growth and assess feed requirements
• Show preparation including halter training, brushing and clipping
• Husbandry tasks such as drenching, hoof trimming and shearing
• Skills sessions on judging and handling sheep in the show ring

However, by far the most popular task for members of the team is picking the names for the new lambs that arrive every spring!

Being involved in the Livestock Show Team develops student’s ability to work with and handle animals. However, it also provides them with a unique opportunity to build a variety of valuable life skills including responsibility, confidence and personal presentation. They develop strong communication skills and learn both patience and persistence in a practical, hands-on way. Many of the students involved also choose to study Agricultural Science as one of their subjects which compliments and extends their learning in Show Team.

This distinctive combination of Agricultural offerings to students at Calvary Christian College opens up a number of pathways for further study, employment and personal development. All the while the program provides students with a fun and different way to meet new people, get active and explore the world beyond the classroom.

Duke of Edinburgh

The ‘Duke of Ed’ or ‘The Award’, as it is commonly known, is an internationally recognised, self-directed program. It offers all young Australians aged 14-25 the opportunity to experience a sense of personal achievement through individual challenge, teamwork and fun. The frameworks of the challenges offer flexibility, creativity and uniqueness. ‘The Award’ will empower students to become Australia’s future leaders.

Year Nine students have the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) as part of their co-curricular offerings at Calvary. The Duke of Edinburgh program, which commenced in 2007, gives you the chance to discover your potential and the elation of accomplishing goals that might never have been realised. This program allows young people the opportunity to both grow personally and connect with others, through a range of new experiences.

“The experience provides outdoor education and an opportunity for students to extend and challenge themselves, to adventure and to build confidence in their abilities,” said Mr Collins, Head of Middle and Senior School.

Duke of Edinburgh has four components to the award – Service, Skills, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey (Expedition). There are no time limits as to how long the award needs to be completed. It is self-paced and awardees work their hobbies and outside school activities into their program. Most students complete an award level in eight to twelve months.

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Environment Club

The Environment Club, offered at our Springwood campus, involves students in Years 4 to 6 in various activities including vegetable gardening, organic recycling and paper recycling. Students maintain the Vegie Patch and care for 25 laying hens. They sell eggs through their Happy Hens business which has been accredited through Safe Food Production Queensland, and they have the opportunity to cook with produce and eggs from the Vegie Patch as well. Throughout the year, the Environment Club organises and promotes special activities including Green Week and Walk to School Day.

Happy Hens Eggs are available for order for our Springwood families. Please order your eggs via email Preference is to collect your eggs on Thursday mornings at the Happy Hens Café but feel free to liaise with Mrs Baker for an alternative pick up time.

At Carbrook, the Junior School students can get involved with Junior Ag. (JAG) This program teaches students the basics in animal husbandry. This program is run two mornings a week.

Snow Tour

Each year, our Year 12 students are invited to participate in the Calvary Christian College Senior Snow Tour. The Tour is to be held in the third week of the June/July holidays, most recently at Perisher, staying in Jindabyne, NSW. The trip is quite an experience, allowing students to form closer bonds with each other and enable them to relax and enjoy a holiday in their important year before their major final semester at the College.

‘After our lessons we would explore Blue Cow, Perisher and Guthega; expeditions lead by either Mr Colefax or Mr Stanley. These rides were the most memorable as experienced snowboarders and skiers got around the first timers and encouraged them along the way. Many of the first timers advanced quickly going down monstrous slopes later on in the week without falling over. It was such a pleasure sending time with new friends and watching these friendships bloom as we made our way down the slopes. After a lovely dinner at the Ski Inn we would reminisce about the proceedings of the day. The snow walrus, the break callipers and instructors would be often brought up in which had the tour in fits of giggles.