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Early Learning Years

Belonging. Being. Becoming. Developing interests and constructing their identity and understanding of their world.

Early Years - Prep

Starting ‘Big School’ is such an exciting time for both parents and children. Calvary is committed to nurturing the most positive start to school, as we know the early years of education lay the foundation for a journey of lifelong learning.


At Calvary, Prep learning spaces are designed to create a secure, caring environment where each child can grow and develop as they explore their academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual potential. From day one, experienced Prep teachers design learning that has a strong Literacy and Numeracy focus.


We know that the learning process differs from one child to another. Through play, group rotations, inquiry and explicit teaching, children develop the skills necessary to become literate and numerate, as well as confident, happy learners. Our multi-sensory approach ensures the consolidation of knowledge of essential letter sounds that are used as the first step toward learning to read and write words. 


The early years of learning are most meaningful when teachers, students and parents work together. In partnership with our parents, we seek to guide and encourage each child to recognise and embrace their God-given gifts and talents. This is where they begin the journey to becoming Fearlessly Authentic Learners.


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