Our College

Calvary Staff


Steven Coote EdD (Candidate), BEd (with Distinction), ThA, MACEL, FAIMM CBK & SWD
Rodney Taylor B.Bus (with distinction), LLB (with second class honours),
Grad Dip (Management), CPA
Amanda Lourens B.Ed (Prim),GDip (Special needs) Springwood
Amanda McKenzie B.AppSc (Applied Chemistry) Middle & Senior School
Amy Greijdanus B.Sc, Dip.Ed. Middle & Senior School
Andrea Armanasco DipT (High), GDipTeach (Prim) Carbrook
Anna Glen B.A. (Dance) B.A. Ed (Primary) Carbrook
Annette Carbry B.A. Hons, Grad Dip Sec Middle & Senior School
Barry Neighbour B.A, Dip.Ed, B.Ed.St., M.Ed, PhD Middle & Senior School
Barry Warden B.Mus., Dip. Marketing, Promotions and P.R.  CBK & SPW
Ben Liu B.Sc, GDip.T (Secondary), M.Ed Middle & Senior School
Brendon Linning B.Ed (Prim) Carbrook
Cameron Lenton B.Ed (Prim) (HPE specialist) Carbrook
Cathy Smith B.Ed (Early childhood) Springwood
Chris Paech BHMS (Ed) Middle & Senior School
Cristina Zanfir B.Mus.; B.Mus.A, CBK & SPW
Daniel Robertson B.Ed (Sec) Middle School
Darren Bennett B.Bus, GDip.Ed (secondary), M.Ed Middle & Senior School
Denise Stephenson Cert.Ed., B.Ed (Hons), GDip.Ed Teacher/Librarianship,
Cert. Christian Studies
Elise Vargas B.Ed (Middle Years Science) Springwood
Fiona Burnett B.Ed Carbrook
Gabriel Dumitru Music Tutor CBK & SPW
Gavin Coles DipT (Sec Drama), B.Ed, M.Ed Middle & Senior School
Georgina Rule B.Ed Springwood
Helen Davis B.A (Korean, Spanish), GDip.Ed (Korean, ESL) Springwood
Ian Bailey-Mortimer B.Sc (Hons), B.Ed Middle & Senior School
James Colefax M.Ed, B.Ed, B.A. (Criminology), MACHPER Middle & Senior School
Jane McMahon GDip.Ed (Prim), GDipIntlDev, B.A.(Japanese) Springwood
Janis Emond H.Dip.Ed (Junior Primary) Carbrook
Jonathan Voltz B.Sc Ed – Temple University,Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate,
MA in Shakespeare Studies
Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate
Middle & Senior School
Josh Wilson B.A., B.Ed. Grad Dip (Divinity), M.A. (Ancient History) Middle & Senior School
Julie Kendrick B.Ed Springwood
Karen Harris Music Tutor CBK & SPW
Karen Kolope DipT (Secondary). B.Ed Middle & Senior School
Kelly Barnes B.Ed (Secondary) Carbrook
Kim Winton B.Ed CBK & SWD
Kinga Schmidt M.P.S., Grad. Cert: Career Dev, GDip.T (Secondary),
Grad Cert.Catechetical Studies, Cert IV TAE
Middle & Senior School
Kirsty Hart B.Sc.,GDip.Ed (Secondary) Middle & Senior School
Kristie Sipec M.Mus.Thpy, B.Mus (Piano Perf) (Hons I), A.Mus.A (Piano) Springwood
Kym Ayling B.Ed, B.Teach, MBA CBK & SWD
Lindsay Foster B.Ed (Physical Education / English) Springwood
Megan Hodge B.Mus (Performance), B.Ed (Prim) Carbrook
Michael Smith Music Tutor CBK & SPW
Nicole O'Donnell GDip.Ed (Prim), B.Sc, Cert IV Christian Ministry and Theology;
A.Dip.Man, Adv.Cert Vocational Training, Cert IV Workplace Trainer,
Cert: Public Admin
Nikki De Bruyn M.Mus Springwood
Paige Colefax B.Ed (Early Childhood) Springwood
Pastor Charles Edwards B.Min. (Bachelor of Ministries) Assoc. Dip. Soc.Sc. (Christian Studies) SWD & CBK
Paul Heagney B.Ed (Middle and Senior Schooling), Cert IV TAA Middle & Senior School
Rahnia Collins B.A. (English Literature) B.Ed Middle & Senior School
Robyn Ray B.A. (Hons) B.Ed (Grad Entry) Middle & Senior School
Rod Oates B.Sc, GDip.T (Secondary) Middle & Senior School
Ronwyn Collier H.Dip.Ed (Early Childhood) Carbrook
Roslyn Kuss DipT (Prim), B.Ed (Primary) Carbrook
Roslyn Price B.A., Grad Cert. Expressive Therapies, Professional and
registered Member of the Australian Counselling Association
Middle & Senior School
Ruben Boca B.IT, Masters of E-Commerce CBK & SWD
Susan Harriman B.Ed (Prim) Carbrook
Simone Geurts B.Mus.Ed; Dip.Mus CBK & SPW
Tammy Scott B.App.Sci, Grad. Dip. Ed Middle and Senior School
Tracie Comber B.Mus CBK & SPW
Vicky Feilla B.Mus, GDip.Ed, Australian Kodaly Cert: Music Ed (Prim) SWD & CBK
Wendy West B.A., B.Ed (Secondary) Middle & Senior School