Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy

Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Calvary Christian College prides itself in the establishment and maintenance of a safe, supportive and caring environment for our students. All of our pastoral care programs are modelled by our Lord Jesus Christ who was the Good Shepherd of all humanity. If we claim to be a Christian College and do not demonstrate love and compassion for our students and families then the Good Book claims we are merely a ‘clanging gong’.

Pastoral care in our College is expressed both formally and informally. We have a variety of formal programs such as our chaplaincy services and student counselling services, the ‘My Life Rulz’ program, anti-bullying strategies and peer mentoring programs. Informally, we have the expectation that all staff members are to establish healthy pastoral relationships with their students which promote mutual respect, cooperation, character development and self-discipline.

Chapel Services and Assemblies

Assembly services occur each week in the Junior Schools of the College. Chapel and assembly services occur on alternative weeks in the Middle and Senior Schools. All assembly services are coordinated by the Heads of Schools and Middle and Senior School chapel services are coordinated by the Spiritual Director of the College who works closely with a large student chapel team.

These services play an integral part in the life of the College. The services build Christian community, encourage the worship life of the students and celebrate student achievements. Many, if not most, of the items involved in each service are student led.

Special Cultural Events

The College facilitates a number of special events throughout the year such as Prayer and Mission Week, EXO Day (anti-drug and alcohol), Green Week, Anti-Poverty Week and Amnesty International Candle Services. These special events promote a positive Christian culture and offer students an exciting, fun and educational experience. Offering students positive experiences of the Christian faith helps students realise there is far more to our faith than religious instruction and religious rules. When students leave our college, we would hope they could all look back at their school life and see Christianity in a positive light.

Mission and Service (The Making a Difference (M.A.D.) for Missions Program)

Calvary Christian College believes it is essential that our students are given every opportunity to put their faith into action by ‘Making a Difference’ to those who are far less privileged than we are. Over the years the College has established partnerships with various people groups overseas. Over the last ten years student and staff groups have been travelling to the Kingdom of Tonga. During these mission trips both the staff and students visited many school communities assisting them in the development of their education and encouraging them in their Christian faith. The students and staff members of the College have also been active in supporting students in a Christian school in Mozambique. 
Generally our college community has been very generous in supporting a number of charity programs and organisations such as Compassion Child, Operation Christmas Child, the Forty Hour Famine, an annual Christmas hamper and a local ministry called Fishers of Men.

Chaplaincy and Spiritual Direction

The four members of our chaplaincy team, led by the college’s Spiritual Director (a Uniting Church minister) have the primary focus of getting alongside students as they journey through the school into adulthood. These roles within the College seek to encourage students to become involved in activities that promote faith development. They work with the students, teaching staff, and members of the College community to achieve the following:
• Pastoral and spiritual support to students
• Foster the spiritual life of the college community
• Encourage links with the ministries of Logan Uniting Church
• Encourage and facilitate connections with church and faith communities
• Engage the school community in social justice and mission/charity activities
• Build and foster staff wellbeing and capacity
• Social and emotional development

Social and Emotional Development

The College believes student wellbeing and character transformation can be enhanced through explicit instruction and guidance involving large group settings, classroom teaching, small group or one on one coaching and mentoring. Some of the goals stated in the current chaplaincy operational plan are to enhance the students’:

• Feeling of being connected to peers
• Feeling of being cared for by an adult outside their family
• A sense of belonging and worth
• A sense of accomplishment
• Social and emotional capacity to develop personal skills including: friendship skills, resilience skills, problem solving skills and understanding personal strengths (and weaknesses)
• Ability and willingness to contribute to the wider community through mission, service and leadership programs

The National Schools Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program