P&F Levy

One hour is credited towards your P&F time for attending P&F meetings. All other time spent helping the College is also accumulated when you fill out your P&F levy card. When 24 hours is reached in a calendar year, your P&F levy of $250 will be refunded the following year. These cards are of monetary value, so they must stay at school.

P&F Contact

If you would like to contact the P&F executive, we are able to be contacted on

School Banking

School banking takes place weekly. Children can hand in their banking to the office and the books will be returned by their teacher. School banking is a great way to encourage children from a young age to save. There are banking kits available from the office to get your child started.

Children benefit from seeing their parents involved in their school, so we encourage you to find a way to help your child, whether it’s in the classroom, cooking sausages one day or coming to a P&F meeting.

Thank you!