Centre of Innovative Learning Design - CILD

In order to be agile and flexible educators who design personalised learning for each child, we insist on everything we do being research-informed and evidence-based. Research guides our innovative learning design and we monitor outcomes or progress, letting the evidence from the data we collect guide our next steps. 

Operating as a Centre for Innovative Learning Design, Calvary Christian College seeks to embed these attributes in our practices. Our teachers regularly meet in small research groups to investigate and pursue emerging research on educational trends, data, and issues. Partnering together to be research-informed means that we are able to bring cutting-edge teaching strategies and activities to the classroom.


In 2022 we are working on each stakeholder engaging in our day-to-day operations actively while taking responsibility for their actions. We encourage student voice and choice balanced with adult wisdom.

Lifelong Learning

Through the Learning Habits and Formation programs, we equip students to remain engaged in learning throughout life. We nurture the skills and curiosity that underpin the joy of lifelong learning.

Skills Development

Work habits, cognitive skills and character dispositions lie at the heart of the Calvary Learning Habits Framework. This skills continuum is embedded in each stage of learning, and is applicable to adult learning too.

CILD parent seminars are held regularly where parents are invited to engage more closely in the work we are doing and become more fully informed partners in their children’s education.

Students at Calvary have voice and are also invited to contribute to this dialogue. 

Working closely with ISQ, Harvard Graduate School of Education and through our CILD, learning designers (teachers) are consistently engaging in action research.

All learners focus on developing skills and strategies they need to tackle current and future challenges (Mparntwe Education Declaration, 2019)

In our commitment to provide “for each child an education worth having” (Melbourne Declaration, 2008), our mission is to design learning opportunities that meet specific need. 

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