Junior School Ag Club

Carbrook's Junior School is launching the Junior School Ag Club as part of a program of introducing our Upper Primary students from Years 4 to 6 to elements of curriculum that can be experienced in High School. Agricultural science and the Calvary farm has been a distinctive for Calvary for many years.

Junior School Ag (JAG) is about to take off with three sessions a week starting on 27 April 2015.

The days and times will take place on Mondays at 8.15am for the Garden Gurus, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8.00am for the Farm Club (Feeding and Farming).

Farm Club will be led by our high school teacher, Mrs Kirsty Hart, and supported by Mrs Fiona Burnett at the Carbrook Campus. She will guide the children with feeding the sheep and the chickens and they will do small and manageable jobs on the farm.

The Garden Gurus will focus on composting and preparing the ground for the new garden which will be relocated later in Term 2. By mid-year we should be ready to start planting our produce and seeing the results grow!